Once their planned trading engine upgrade is successfully completed and tested, FCL will be listed on Bitfinex in July 2021

We are extremely proud to announce that FCL will be listed on Bitfinex soon as we have signed the contract today. This means another premier exchange listing for our community (and more to come soon). This will allow for an easier trading experience and additional options to buy FCL.

FYI: Bitfinex itself will announce our listing more closely to the end of their planned, ongoing platform overhaul. Still, we couldn’t wait to share the good news with you 🚀

You are able to deposit your FCL very soon. Trading will go live within the next two weeks once Bitfinex has…

Mapping our specific milestones and level of ambition

We at Fractal can’t believe, it has been more than 3 months since we started Fractal Protocol as our web3 rocketship to save the free web and revolutionize the ad market.

Following strong community growth post-IDO, we hereby want to publish an update of our Fractal Protocol roadmap after our last roadmap article in March.

Since we launched not only partnerships (e.g.

Aurel will lead Fractal’s privacy-enhancing mechanisms into the data layer as Chief Economist

Fractal is glad to announce that Aurel Stenzel will join Fractal Protocol in his capacity as Chief Economist starting 1 June 2021. Next to his research at Kiel University (CAU, one of the oldest universities in Europe holding 12 Nobel Prizes), pursuing his Ph.D. thesis at the Chair of Quantitative Economics with Prof. Till Requate and Prof. Israel Waichman (Title: “The Economics of Data Sharing”), Aurel will be responsible for introducing novel privacy-enhancing mechanisms into the data layer by combining game-theoretical frameworks with latest insights of cryptography.

“Data privacy and data usage are not a contradiction anymore. Fusing game-theoretical insights…

Advancing the Decentralized Web Infrastructure

We are thrilled to announce that we have been approved to receive a grant from the Web3 Foundation. This will allow us to continue to pursue our goals towards disrupting the Ad Market and bringing power back into the hands of users, advertisers, and content creators.

What is the Web3 Foundation?

The Web3 Foundation, founded by Dr. Gavin Wood (Co-Founder of Ethereum), funds research and development teams who are building the foundation of the decentralized web. …

eyeo and Fractal partner to create solutions for a fair, profitable web benefitting all stakeholders

We are excited to announce our official partnership with eyeo. eyeo is a platform that creates sustainable value exchanges between advertisers, publishers, and online users. To most internet users, they are known through their flagship product called Adblock Plus boasting 200m users worldwide.

This strategic partnership is a great step in our path to reshaping the Ad Market and the way that content creators, users, and advertisers interact with one another. Fractal and eyeo will work together on the research and development of a new open-source standard to govern data exchange.

This partnership will combine eyeo’s latest product, Crumbs, which…

Announcing the second winning cohort

Bitfinex Lottery

Since the successful launch of Fractal Protocol on 24 February 2021, we are making great progress along our roadmap. Lately, we got listed on Bitfinex, an advanced cryptocurrency exchange that is trusted by millions of traders globally and ranks among the top #5 exchanges in the world with its multi-billion USD trading volume. Together with our community, we celebrated this success by giving away 140k FCL in a lottery.

And a great celebration it was indeed! We had more than 7000 participations energizing us with their great feedback and support. The first winners have already been contacted. Today the second…

Announcing the first winning cohort

How it Works

Let us very briefly explain again how the lottery works.

#1 - Fractal generated a random string, called a secret, and produced a hash of it. We call this hash our commitment.
#2 - The commitment is published and available to everyone. You are able to find it on our Fractal Protocol landing page of the lottery.
#3 - In the lottery system, we combine your email address with the secret and hash the result. The hash is going to be a completely random combination of numbers and letters which will be your lottery ticket! The lottery tickets with the…

140k FCL-Lottery to reward our community

We have amazing news to share. FCL is listed on Bitfinex, an advanced cryptocurrency exchange that is trusted by millions of traders globally and ranks among the top #5 exchanges in the world with its multi-billion US$ trading volume, supporting 138 coins and 319 pairs.

Economics Sneak Peak

In 2020, Robert Wilson and Paul Milgrom were awarded the 2020 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Over the last decades, they improved auction theory and invented multiple new auction formats. If designed correctly, auctions can contribute to a fair resource distribution. In this blog post, we give a short introduction to the fascinating world of auction theory, which we will pick up throughout the next articles to find new ways of looking at the value of data.

An auction allocates a set of resources to a group of people (formally called agents). For simplicity, in the following, we assume…

Global Interdisciplinary Community Power

The Fractal Protocol Boosting the Data Economy

The Fractal Protocol provides novel, decentralized infrastructure that preserves privacy and gives strong data-sharing incentives.
Fractal creates data commons with less friction, no middlemen and empowered users that — for the first time — are able to monetize their own data. Decentralization is important because opening and freeing up a market increases its economic utility and fairness. This decentralized data commons allows people to become active participants in the data economy, control how their data is used exactly — and consequently own their own fair share of the value they provide with it.

Introducing our Fractal Ambassadors

Executing on our vision is a big…


Fractal is an open source zero-margin protocol that defines a basic standard to exchange user information in a fair and open way.

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